Gifting for HIM Cheat Sheet

Gifting for HIM Cheat Sheet

From the “Daddio of the Patio” to the “Party Papa”, Cozy Shop has got your gifts for HIM list covered.


Sports Dad
The Last Dance Cardinals Tee
St Louis Hockey Sweatshirt
St Louis Baseball Tee
Cardinals and Blues Slate Coasters
Home Sweet Home (Cards & Blues) prints
St Louis Stickers
Beer and Baseball Tee

“I’m a Fun Dad” The Party Papa

Beer Pressure Can Cooler
Dog Beers Can Cooler
Drink About It Can Cooler
Daddio Can Cooler
Alcohol Infusion Kit
Alcohol Infusion Kit Refill
Rocks Glass
Hit the Booze Button Silicone Shot Glass 
Firepit Wood Sign
Beer Soap
Buffalo Trace Soap

Adventure Dad
STL essentials prints
Happy Camper Sticker
Take a Hike Sticker
Never Stop Exploring Sticker
Travel Journal
Katy Trail Retro Tee
Katy Trail Tee
Katy Trail Pint Glass 
Wabash Train Tee
Camping Pint Glass
Wood Burned St. Charles & St. Louis Maps
Bicycle Shot Glass 

"Daddio of the Patio" Beer and BBQ Dad
Soberdough Bread
Beer and Baseball Tee
Home Brewer Pint Glass
Beer Soap
Dad to the Bone Apron
Dad to the Bone Oven Mit
Daddio of the Patio Can Cooler
Beer Pressure Can Cooler

Retired Dad
Retired: Under New Management Mug 
What’s Your Excuse? Wine Glass
Not Going To Work Wine Glass
Retirement Can Cooler 
Retired Wine Stopper
Promoted to Grandpa Mug

Pet Dad
Dogs Are Like Wine Glass
Love At First Sight Wine Glass
Nine Lives Wine Glass
Feelin Frisky Silicone Wine Glass
Dog beers Can Cooler
Dog Wood Sign
Cat Wood Sign

Teacher Dad
Because I Teach Insulated Tumbler
World’s Goodest Teacher Shot Glass
World’s Goodest Teacher Coffee Mug

Bourbon and Cigars Dad
Bourbon Rocks Glass
Bourbon Alcohol Infusion Kits
Saint Chuck AF Zippo Lighter
Buffalo Trace Bourbon Soap

Map Collecting Dad
St Louis Neighborhoods Map
Wooden Maps (St. Charles, St. Louis, Kansas City)
St. Charles Coffee Map

Nature Loving Dad
Grow, Dammit Planter
Gardening Pint Glass
Bee Garden Seed Packet 
Propagation Planter
Proud Parent Planter
Cardinals Stained Glass