Gifting for HER Cheat Sheet


Gifting for HER Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet 
From your “Star Baker” Mother-in-Law to your fab “GLAM-Ma”, Cozy Shop has got your gifts for HER shopping list covered. Find your Mom on our list below!

Plant mom
Plant Lady Shirt Tee
Gardening Pint Glass
Bee Garden Seed Packet
Tropical Scoop Neck Tee
Flower Branch Scoop Neck Tee 

Boozy Mom AKA “I’m a Fun Mom”
Tea Towel
Slim Can Coolers
Wine Glasses
Alcohol Infusion Kit
Alcohol Infusion Kit Refill
Fairy Booze Mother Bottle Opener
Rocks Glass
Booze and Bonfires sticker
Wine Slushy
Hit the Booze Button Silicone Shot Glass 


Adventure Mom
STL essentials prints
Travel Journal
Katy Trail Sweatshirt and Tee
Katy Trail Pint Glass
Camping Pint Glass
Wood Burned St. Charles & St. Louis Maps
Bicycle Shot Glass
Evergreen Scoop Neck Tee 

Baker Mom
Star Baker Wooden Spoon
Soberdough Bread
Tea Towel 

Retired Mom
Being a Grandma is the Best Revenge Mug
Retired: Under New Management Mug
Wine Glasses
Wine Stoppers
Retirement Can Cooler


Wedding Planning Mom
Wine Glasses
Shot Glass
Wine Stoppers
Inspired Ink Journals 

Sports Mom
St Louis Hockey Sweatshirt
St Louis Baseball Tee
Cardinals and Blues Slate Coasters
Home Sweet Home (Cards & Blues) prints
St Louis Stickers
Beer and Baseball Tee

Coffee Mom

Pet Mom
Wine Glasses
Dog beers Can Cooler
Wood signs 


Teacher Mom
Wine Glasses
Insulated Tumbler
World’s Goodest Teacher Shot Glass
World’s Goodest Teacher Coffee Mug

Nurse Mom
Drink with a Nurse Wine Glasses 
Nurses Never Complain Wine Glass
Nurses Need Shots Too Shot Glass 

Fowl Mouth Mom
Silicone Wine Glass
Tea Towels
Wood Signs
Shot glass
Saint Chuck AF sweatshirt/tee/baseball cap     
Beechwood Serving Spoon

Best Friend Mom
Wine Glass Sets
Conversation Heart Soap
Simply the Best Sweatshirt and Tee   
OMG My Mother Was Right Tea Towel
Gratitude Journal
Chocolate Cards
Open Heart Sweatshirt and Tee
Full Heart Sweatshirt and Tee

Pampered mom
Bath Bombs
Chocolate Card
Conversation Heart Soaps
Bees Wax Salve
Bees Wax Lip Balm
Little Lemon Candles
Gratitude Journal


St Charles Native Mom
St Charles est 1769 Sweatshirt
St Charles Tote Bags
Historic St Charles Sticker
St Charles Essentials Print
St Chuck Sweatshirt
Saint Chuck AF sweatshirt/tee/baseball cap 
Katy Trail Pint Glass
Frenchtown Tees
Katy Trail Sweatshirt
Open Heart Sweatshirt and Tee
Full Heart Sweatshirt and Tee 

St Louis Native Mom
St Louis Hockey Tee & Sweatshirt
St Louis Baseball Sweatshirt & Tee   
Cardinals and Blues Slate Coasters
St. Louis Prints    
Beer and Baseball Tee
St Louis Neighborhoods Map
St Louis Tie-Dye Fleece Crew
St Louis Skyline Sweatshirt and Tee  
STL Greeting Cards

Glam Mom
Handmade Earrings
Handmade Necklaces 

New Mom
Mama Bird Coffee Mug
Baby Journal

For the Mom who knows what she wants:
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