Christmas Ornament Coloring Kit
Christmas Ornament Coloring Kit

Christmas Ornament Coloring Kit

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Unleash your creativity and infuse your tree-trimming tradition with a dash of DIY delight. This merry kit is designed to whisk you away on a crafting adventure, where imagination knows no bounds!

Unwrap the magic within with 12 wooden blank ornaments just waiting for your artistic touch. From jolly snowmen to twinkling stars, the possibilities are as endless as Santa's gift sack! Let your festive flair shine using the 8 vibrant and colorful markers included in the kit. Craft, color, and create memorable moments as you embark on this whimsical journey.

Your Kit Includes

  • Markers
  • Twine
  • 12 Ornaments

    Let's Get Crafty:

    Step 1: Unbox Your Festive Fun
    Carefully open your Holiday Ornament Coloring Kit, and marvel at the array of wooden blank ornaments and colorful markers nestled inside. Prepare your creative space by laying out the ornaments and markers on a flat, protected surface.

    Step 2: Let Your Imagination Soar
    Channel your inner artist! Pick up a wooden ornament and envision the holiday magic you want to create. Whether it's a jolly snowman, a radiant star, or a festive Christmas Tree, the choice is yours. No idea is too big or small—this is your chance to shine.

    Step 3: Color Your World
    Grab your favorite marker from the kit and start adding vibrant hues to your chosen ornament. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors, creating a palette that's as unique as you are. Feel free to experiment with different patterns, shades, and styles. The more colorful, the merrier!

    Step 4: Add Personal Touches
    Want to make your ornaments extra special? Add personal touches! Write names, draw tiny snowflakes, or even glue on some glitter for that extra sparkle (glitter not included). It's all about making these ornaments uniquely yours, filled with the warmth of your creativity.

    Step 5: Let Your Creations Shine
    Use the twine to sting the ornament then, find the perfect spots on your tree to hang these masterpieces. Step back, admire your handiwork, and bask in the glow of your beautifully decorated tree, adorned with your own personalized ornaments, crafted with love and creativity. Enjoy the holiday cheer you've brought to your home!